Whaleboat is proud to present the adventure row boat C23. This uniquely designed rowing boat is a genuine seaboat, that will keep you safe and dry, even in the most demanding conditions. If you seek adventure at sea or want to explore the great rivers and big lakes of the world, this boat is for you. With 2 rowers and a sweep on board there’s still plenty of room left for backpacks, safety jackets, a tent, anchor and much more.
C23 specifications:
Length: 23 feet/6.9 m, beam: 5.5 feet/1.7 m, weight: 198 lbs/90 kg

  • By using carbon/ epoxy/ foam, the lightest and stiffest boat is created, weighing only 90 kilo.
  • Only the best materials are used: marine grade Aluminum, stainless steel bearings, polyurethane wheels, the strongest leather.
  • Building the boat by the VARTM process eliminates air pockets and creates a far superior end product.
  • One size fits all: only one type of screwdriver needed to rig the whole boat! You don’t have to bring your workshop to the boat….
  • Complete protection while manoeuvring: rubber rail around the boat acts as a fender
  • Indestructible stainless steel oar locks
  • Strong stainless padeye: no need to worry when your precious boat has to be towed to the next adventure, no hustle with ropes around outriggers
  • Changing from rowing to sculling in a jiffy: just take the same seats and foot plates and put them in the right position!
  • Wider boat: more relaxed when rowing bigger seas
  • Higher freeboard: better protection against wind and waves
  • Watertight compartments(6): boat keeps floating, even when filled with water to the gunwales
  • No outriggers: reducing the risk of serious injury in case of a capsize
  • High, flared bow: prevents the boat from nosediving and lifts it up when going over a big wave
  • Long midsection: collecting white water and keeping balance low and centred
  • Selfdraining plus pump (optional): gets white water out fast

The C23 is the best open seaboat in terms of quality, stability and security.

Just a few more reasons to try the C23


The ocean designed this, not a computer program!
We’ve been building different open water rowboats for several years now, using them in the North Sea, rowing them for thousands of sea miles, learning by mistake and gathering priceless knowledge at sea, perfecting our craft slowly until we were happy with the result. The C23.


Whether you want to row in your backyard pond, or you want to push through heavy surf, or you want to pack up your tent and camping gear for a long adventure weekend with some friends, all this is possible with the C23.


In memory of what the ‘old salts’ used to say: ‘if it looks right, it is right!’
We couldn’t agree more…

Click here for hi-res photos of the C23 adventure rowboat.

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